{The River Café Wedding – Sharon and Trump}

Sharon and Trump, I don’t need to do any explaining as you know I think the world of you. Thank you for being truly kind and treating me like an extension of your family. I just want to express how happy I am for you and I know the future is bright .

Preparation: Ritz-Carlton Hotel New York, Battery Park
Bridal Portrait: Brooklyn Dumbo
Venue: The River Café
Videography: Marvin Suarez
Here is the slideshow of the wedding photos

SharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 001 Preparation at Ritz-Carlton HotelSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 002 Ritz-Carlton Hotel groom portraitSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 003 Ritz-Carlton Hotel bride and groom looking out the windowsSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 004 Maid of honor put on bride shoesSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 005 wedding partySharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 006 Brooklyn Dumbo Bridal PortraitSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 007 Brooklyn Dumbo Bridal PortraitSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 008 Brooklyn Dumbo Bridal Portrait on rail roadSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 009 Kiss in front of janeSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 010 Bridal Portrait in front of janeSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 011 River Cafe CeremonySharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 012 River Cafe bride and Groom VowSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 013 River Cafe wedding detailSharonTrumpRiverCafeWedding 014 River Cafe first dance, wedding cake cutting

DRESS: Oleg Cassini
RING:Tiffany & Co.
SONG OF FIRST DANCE: Make you feel my love
VIDEOGRAPHY:Marvin Suarez from True Love Wedding
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