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{A Roadtrip to Montreal}

We went to Montreal, Canada on the July 4th weekend. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.View full post »

{Boston Walkabout}

Vivian and I decide to take a break so we went to Boston to celebrate Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year. WeView full post »

{Miami Beach}

Miami is our last stop before we head back to NY. These are the pictures i took outside of our hotel. Canon 5D MKIIView full post »

{My Old Infrared Day}

I’m a big fan of Infrared! I shot more than 100 rolls a year in the old film days. I loved the dreamlike ofView full post »

{I just can’t get enough of them}

I don’t know that these tree are called but I love what they do with light. It was simply one of those great days whenView full post »

{Space Shuttle launch}

I took this video of the space shuttle launch at Kennedy space center 3am in morning about 8 years ago. This is howView full post »

{Water Splash}

I made this image in Madison Square Park yesterday after work. The positioning of the kid on the right hand side addsView full post »

{Coast Majesty}

I went to ER for food poison and end up had a surgury and come home with a 6 inches scar on my belly. Anyway I want toView full post »

{The Cloud}

We haven’t posted an image from the sky in quite a while. These images were made a months ago. We headed to theView full post »