• Hi, I am Tim Wong, international wedding photographer based in New York City. My goal is to tell your story through our photos. How do I do that? I LISTEN to our client's love stories (Listening is the foundation of any successful relationship after all!) and capture beautiful moments that are unique to their stories. I am easy-going and always have fun with our clients. A photography session with me is like having a fun day out with friends - only with more beautiful pictures. More >

Romantic and beautifully shot in each and every way, the engagement of Samantha and Martin was definitely captured in a way that was perfectly illustrative of the great love the couple has for one another. Shot in the Chelsea Market area of New York City, each photo taken of Samantha and Martin showcases a whimsical happiness as well as a feeling of romance and joy that they share. Many of the wonderful shots taken of the couple are of them lovingly embracing one another and having a great time together. They appear to love being in each other’s arms and being close. Samantha looked very pretty in all of the photos with her shiny straight brown hair and bright smile. She seemed very peaceful, content, and extremely happy. Samantha wore a few different changes for the engagement photo session including a ladylike floral dress and heeled pumps, as well as jeans, a flowing top, a great jacket, and wedges. Martin looked handsome in his charcoal gray suit, button down shirt, and matching belt and shoes. The couple were beautifully captured walking the exciting streets of New York, sharing a kiss under a pink blossom tree, and spending their time embracing and showcasing their love in and around the famed Chelsea Market.
SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 001 (Sheet 1)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 002 (Sheet 2)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 003 (Sheet 3)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 004 (Sheet 4)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 005 (Sheet 5)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 006 (Sheet 6)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 007 (Sheet 7)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 008 (Sheet 8)SamanthaMartin_ChelseaMarket_engagement 009 (Sheet 9)

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