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{A Roadtrip to Montreal}

We went to Montreal, Canada on the July 4th weekend. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.View full post »

{An Easy Afternoon}

Sumaya and Frank are getting married in May 2011. Yes, there is another 11 months away and I’m incredibly excitedView full post »

{Relaxed Elegance}

Together in front of their family and friends, Jessica and John made a tearful oath to love, honor, and cherish. TheyView full post »

{The Warmth of Your Smile}

How lucky am I to have Lisa and Nevin as my clients? I’m beyond thrilled to work with them forView full post »

{Lavender Purple}

Lavender has long been a favorite flower and color of genteel ladies. This shade of purple suggests refinement alongView full post »

{Street Contrasts}

Amanda and Bernard have bonded through the years and they attribute their beautiful relationship to their love.View full post »

{Love At All Angles}

Jennifer and Ronny live in New York City and somehow found my blog online. They are getting married in August in LongView full post »

{A Long Way Around the World}

A month ago, I got a message from facebook follow by an email from Nicole and Chris who lives in Australia. NicoleView full post »

{The Colour of Spring}

Diana and Iman will be getting married in August.  They’re two of the most carefree and joyful people to beView full post »