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{Coast Majesty}

I went to ER for food poison and end up had a surgury and come home with a 6 inches scar on my belly. Anyway I want toView full post »

{Mountain Mauna Kea}

One of the reason i rented a 4×4 is we want to drive up to the Mountain Mauna Kea, Hawaii. We drove up to the topView full post »

{The Beauty of Sunset}

I made this image while on a sunset walk around with Vivian. As the sun dropped lower into the sky, the incredibleView full post »

{The Color of the Sea}

The image was taken on my honeymoon in Hawaii about 6 months ago. The Tokina 11-16mm lens was the only lens I usedView full post »

{Sunset Moment}

Here is an outdoor portrait I did during our honeymoon. i just wanted a carefree almost model portfolio type portraitView full post »

{Hawaii Hilton Village}

Here is another image I came across while reviewing images from my Hawaii trip. I took this image for Vivian after weView full post »

{Hawaii Volcanoes National Park "Night and Day"}

I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon by the end of 2008. We went to the National park twice hope to see the lava land.View full post »